A RESOLUTION encouraging Arlington County to create a publicly owned electrical utility.

WHEREAS Arlington Democrats recognize the scientific consensus that our global climate is warming as a result of greenhouse gas emissions;

WHEREAS Arlington Democrats recognize that warming of greater than 1.5 degrees Celsius will have catastrophic effects both around the world and here in Arlington, and that immediate and unprecedented change must be undertaken in order to prevent it, as described in the IPCC’s Special Report published in October of 2018;

WHEREAS Dominion Energy, the sole electrical utility in Arlington County, has made it clear it has no intention of decarbonizing its electrical power generation and has demonstrated disregard for the scientific consensus about global warming:

  1. Dominion continues to build new carbon-emitting natural gas generation plants and plans on using them long past the date where we must be carbon-neutral
  2. Dominion continues to pursue building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would would more than double their carbon emissions
  3. Dominion’s own Integrated Resource Plan shows that they actually plan on increasing the total amount of Carbon Dioxide they produce between 2017 and 2042

WHEREAS Virginia Code Section 15.2-2109 allows for any locality to obtain control of its utilities;

WHEREAS the creation of a municipal electrical utility under the control of Arlington County voters would:

  1. Allow Arlington County to source its power from renewable energy sources
  2. Increase “energy equity” by placing planning and decision making in the hands of the public, instead of investors motivated mainly by profit
  3. Make available to Arlingtonians innovative solutions like microgrids and on-bill financing


  1. Arlington Democrats supports the creation of a municipal electric utility.
  2. Arlington County should aggressively pursue creating a municipal electrical utility, the first step of which is to conduct a feasibility study that takes into account the ability to meet carbon emissions reduction and energy equity goals.